fingo inventor - playset construction kits

Fingo Inventor Playset Construction Kits provide smaller-sized playsets for outdoor and indoor play areas. They are the perfect start to creating your own personal funplex right in your home or backyard. Each Fingo Inventor Kit includes models that can be built into climbing and make-believe structures from forts to airplanes to playhouses to play furniture. Plus, the Fingo Inventor 2 Basic Kit includes wheels to create vehicles. No other playset construction kits have the flexibility to change their structure to meet your family's ever-changing imaginations!

fingo-inventor-1---primer fingo inventor 1 - primer29-011960$199.99Add To Cart fingo-inventor-2---starter-kit fingo inventor 2 - starter kit29-012840$349.99Add To Cart fingo-inventor-3---basic fingo inventor 3 - basic29-013120$499.99Add To Cart fingo-inventor-4---junior fingo inventor 4 - junior29-013820$599.99Add To Cart fingo-inventor-5---universal fingo inventor 5 - universal29-014830$699.99Add To Cart