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fingo ballcage add-on kit

Part Qty
35cm Tube 8
75cm Tube 14
52cm Tube 2
Aluminum Insert 2
4 Way Connector 5
3 Way Connector 2
Tee Connector 4
Cross Connector 2
One Hole Connector 4
Flexible Connector 6
BallCage Netting 1
Tube Clip 48
Steering Lock 4
Plastic Ties 24
Key 1
Total 127
Model Handbook + Safety Instructions 1
Price: $499.99

fingo ballcage add-on kit description:

Transform your Fingo Pool into an awesome stand-alone ball pit by adding a Fingo BallCage Add-On Kit. Extend the use of your Fingo Pool by creating a pool of balls to splash around in, both in the yard and inside the house in all kinds of weather.

Through the stableness of the aluminium profile, the ballcage has a stiff, but safe construction and completly surrounds the Fingo Pool with a net, so the balls can't get outside. No noisey, expensive electric blowers to keep the ball pit inflated. No need to worry about play activity puncturing the sides. No dangerous cords and wires laying around to trip over.

Fingo Pool and ball pit balls purchased separately.

All Fingo construction kits and playsets are constructed of heavy-duty Quadro construction system components. These components are made of quality engineered, impact absorbing, UV-stabilized thermoplastic tubes, connectors and panels. 

Warning: Choking Hazzard. Small parts not for children under age 3.