about fingo

Fingo is an Illinois-based distributor of Quadro modular construction system components remarketed under the Fingo brand. All products meet most ASTM 1487 and/or ASTM 1918 standards for public equipment and are high-quality, non-toxic, recyclable thermoplastic products.

These construction systems have been sold around the world since 1979; have no sharp corners, protruding screws or bolts; and include safety features integrated into every aspect of the design. All Quadro products are manufactured in Germany and are designed to be challenging, versatile, fun and safe for children under 110 pounds.

The Fingo Inventor and Constructor Playsets are assembled using multi-colored 15, 35 and 75 mm straight and curved tubes; colored panels; various connectors; and multi-colored clips that “lock” the components together with a 90 degree twist of the safety key provided with the play set. The basic building components are the 35 mm (about 14”) tube and approximate 2” connector. The Fingo Fabricator Construction Toys and Mini-Kits are assembled with smaller versions of the tubes, panels, connectors and clips. Each playset includes instructions and diagrams to build models provided with each playset.

Warning: Choking Hazzard. All Fingo Fabricator, Inventor and Constructor Construction Sets contain small parts not for children under age 3.

All of the Fingo Inventor and Constructor components are modular so pieces from fingo one play set can be used with any other fingo play set. Fingo Fabricator components also are interchangable within Fabricator kits. Please note, however, that these play structures are designed to meet to ASTM safety standards within the model designs provided. If you change the design, you may not be in compliance with these standards and we waive any libility responsibility.

These construction systems are designed for both interior and external use with no sharp edges, splinters, rusting or excessive weight. They can be easily cleaned with standard household detergents and can be cleaned with a garden hose outdoors. Do not use abrasive materials as these products may dull the finish.

All sales are final once an order is shipped. You may cancel an order without any charge BEFORE the order is shipped. In order to cancel an order, you must contact us to obtain an RMA Number and instructions. If the order has been processed and is in transit, you have the option to “refuse shipment” when it is delivered. However, it is your responsbility to personally sign to refuse the shipment. You will be charged for the freight and any re-packaging charges as applicable if the packaging has been damaged in transit.

The manufacturer warrants the fingo funplex product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase by the customer. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts, expressed or implied, including the warranty of merchantability and fitness. For more details about the warranty policy.