about fingo funplexes

Fingo Funplexes offer an excellent and safe play structure for young children at all
stages of development. Play structures are available in a variety of designs, sizes and features

  • Life expectancy over 50 years
  • High quality engineered components
  • Easy modular construction
  • Great for evening and inclement weather play
  • Compact for small spaces - expandable for large areas
  • Becomes a member of the family
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Discover the fun, flexibility and endless possibilities of Fingo Funplexes. Fingo Funplexes simply are the most unique, flexible and durable construction toys and playsets available and are similar to giant tinker toys in the way they can be built and rebuilt into new and exciting designs. They are comprised made of colorful, quality-engineered, impact-absorbing, UV-stabilized thermoplastic tubes, connectors and panels.

These ginat tinker toy like components “lock” together with special locking clips to build structures that have high-strength capacities without the weight of metal or wood. And, plastic components don’t rust or corrode like metal or splinter like wood, and are easy to clean and maintain. They contain no toxic materials, no PVC or phthalates and conform to ASTM F-1148 residential play ground safety standards.

Children (and adults) love building and constructing objects to climb on, crawl through and play in. Fingo playsets are the ultimate giant tinker toys that will grow with your family replacing cardboard boxes, wooden building blocks and metal jungle gyms. Build forts, clubhouses, climbing towers, castles, vehicles, playhouse, sleds, kids furniture, playgrounds, jungle gyms, lemonade stands and just about anything else your imagination can invent. Transform your yard, bedroom and family room into your own family play area. You and your kids can create your own compact, tough, durable, colorful, safe and fun play sets. And they’re the ONLY construction playsets that children can use to actually build their own jungle gym, play loft, climber, fort, maze, obstacle course, etc.

Each kids construction toy kit includes instructions and diagrams to build ready-designed models. Children develop cognitive and motor skills as they work through the instructions and build the frames themselves or with adult help. These learning toys also promote problem solving, creative and coordination skills as children have the opportunity to think about how the design fits the pieces together and ultimately how they can take it apart and invent a creation all their own. Plus fingo play sets create great fitness activities through building, climbing, lifting, sliding and crawling.
Great for Playrooms. Bedrooms, Rec Rooms, Bonus Rooms, Basements & Backyards

  • Inspires children’s curiosity to move and explore
  • Provides opportunities for social and emotional growth
  • Promotes awareness of people, places and things
  • Stimulates children’s intellect, imagination and creativity
  • Encourages communication with others
  • Builds skills for recreational activities and sports